Gold Star for Silver Ginger

I wrote this review the night I received my copy of the album - it is a little raw in places.

Sonic Shake  
Kicks in with a thunderous Welcome Home Ginger sound, you can almost see the lights descending on the stage and I swear there's a screaming crowd to be heard in the background. Kick ass riff, bridge and massive feelgood chorus - you'll be jumping round yer living room like a lunatic from the moment your press play. I was. The neighbours don't like me anyway. All Aboard the Super Sonic SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!! Fucking magnificent.

Divine Imperfection  
Bit of guitar riffing which wouldn't sound out of place on a Motley Crue record starts the track off before Ginger's classic WH vocal style kicks in. Wouldn't sound too out of place on Earth Vs although the big choral chorus is beyond anything you've heard from Ginge yet.

Anyway But Maybe  
The initial Boombox drumming frenzy changes rhythm completely (twice!) - no change there then. Ginger's lyrics are classic and this sounds like it could have been a B-Side to one of the EN singles (had it been a bit more fucked up).

Girls Are Better Than Boys  
Classic Rock, almost Yo-Yo's in it's style and fookin' feelgood - not Ginger's usual style but oh my god it works. The sort of song that makes you long for the live gigs - ya just know they're gonna be great with material like this. I guess Ginge must have been talking about cooking :o) ...I jest.

Brain Sugar  
Brain Brain Sugar Sugar Mind Mind Honey Honey - almost hypnotic and the sort of song that fits together perfectly... ya know what I mean? The whole thing flows and you never lose it. You'll be singing this one for ages yet.

(Whatever Happened To) Rock 'N' Roll Girls  
Starts as though it might launch in to the Pink Panther theme but after a lightening fast drum onslaught we get vocals that sound like a mixture of Husker Du and DBHJW. Another catchy as hell chorus with some very Wildhearts moments.

The Monkey Zoo  
This has to be my favourite track on the album after the first listen (discounting the two tracks I'd already heard). A ghostly almost eerily smooth (but not quiet!) sound, lyrics to remind you that Ginger's a genius and a chorus that's gonna be a massive singalong at the gigs. Also, I can't help but feel that the whole sound is 'epic' and like nothing Ginger's ever done before. Also listen out for the 'Boogaloo' towards the end, when I first heard it I swear he said 'Bugger Me' in a very Yorkshire accent! Sorry... this song is fucking magnificent

Inside Out  
Well, I'd heard this a few times on the boot of the Japanese Heaven's Door gig and I loved it then, I was interested to see what Ginger could do with it with a band, knowing it couldn't be too fast and heavy. This is perfect, absolutely the perfect balance! Ginger's vocals (which have changed only very slightly) are the driving force behind the song still

I Wanna Be New  
Probably the most p.h.u.q track on the album... but not quite. Definitely a more classic WH sound than most of the stuff. Very short too at just 2 minutes! Possibly a contender for the heaviest and most Punk rock track

Church Of The Broken Hearted  
Another BEAUTIFUL song but the lyrics have changed loads (haven't quite got used to them just yet cos they change the whole sound at times). Chorus is the same though - and well worth the import price alone... oh my god - a massive sound. I've been listening to this song for nearly half a decade now in various forms and I never imagined 'Wel..come HOME...' could sound so good! I actually got a bit emotional listening to this - not the done thing to admit but quite frankly I don't fucking care. I've waited to long for this album to give a shit about anything else.

Take It All, Why Don'tcha  
Sounds a bit like 'One' by Metallica to start with but as soon as the guitars smash through we have a very Ginger guitar style and quite a different Ginger vocal style with a build up that sounds like something I recognise, can't quite remember what. Another sing along chorus.

Too Many Hippies (In The Garden Of Love)  
Yes it is the 12th track despite the insert saying otherwise. Heavy sound, with EN vocals and tempo! The sort of track you really could lose yourself in, makes me wish I was a drummer. Towards the end there's a section with a Ginger 'moan' which is surprisingly 'deep' - very 'somewhere else' in sound - y'know... and just when you thought it was all over...

Beautiful sound, kinda like 'Give the Girl A Gun' are there bagpipes in the sound somewhere? Probably the first song you'll know all the lyrics too. Classic Ginger and utterly perfect as proof. Very melodic and relatively slow (although there's heavy undertones in the background throughout!) Kinda hard to describe really...

To Love Somebody
The only non-Ginger written track and you can tell. I'm probably a bit biased but this doesn't quite stand up to the rest of the album - I mean, yeah, it's a great song and all but when you're as good a songwriter as Ginger why bother covering tracks? Sounds very slightly awkward and the vocals don't really suit Ginger's style although they're not bad by any means.

James Tomlinson

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