29x The Pain

Suckerpunch (Promo)


Fishing For Luckies
(Japanese only

The Best Of The Wildhearts

The Best Of The Wildhearts (Japanese)

Moodswings And Roundabouts (Box set)
Here sitting in my room 
With the Replacements and Husker Du
Like a rebel without a clue 
And the Beatles and the Stones
Get to hang out with the Ramones
And the Pistols shunning fame
As they sing the old refrain
Like they always will again
Like 29 times the pain

I see Starz
And the mood is Big and Black
It's a full Sheer Heart Attack
And the Cheapest Trick of all
Is when I hear that London Call
I need something and I need it fast
I need Jason Scorching past
I need to feel they feel the same
Cos when they almost know my name
It's like 29 times the pain
Times the pain
And it all ends up the same, thanks Pink

Kiss my Heart
Like the Damned from the start
Come on make me feel like me
Give me old, give me new,
Let me know you feel it too
To the sound of Twisted Girls
It's a brave new world
I'm up, how can I get down,
When I've got all my friends around?
I want to be here once again
I'm gonna miss Kurt Cobain
Like 29 times the pain
Times the pain
And all the gaps in all the game
Tomorrow always cries my name
And makes it all worthwhile again

(The Duck Song - not on the re-recorded version)
Be kind to your web-footed friends
Cos' that duck might be somebody's mummy
They live in the rivers and swamps
Where the weather is always damp
Well you may think that this is the end
Well it is

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