Fishing For More Luckies

1 Inglorious
2 If Life Is Like A Lovebank I Want An Overdraft
3 Schizophonic
4 Do The Channel Bop
5 Geordie In Wonderland
6 Sky Babies
7 Underkill
8 Saddened
9 I Wanna Go Where The People Go (Early Version)
Attempting to cash in on the success of the fanclub only 'Fishing for Luckies' East West stuck three extra (previously unreleased) tracks on the end but seeing this as an attempt to screw the fans, the Wildhearts boycotted the release and eventually the CD was cancelled. Since the CD was mass-produced before the release was cancelled it is readily available from records stores.
" When The Wildhearts went into the studio to record their second P.H.U.L.L album (which eventually became the phonetically phlagrant 'P.H.U.Q'), the aim was always to come out with a lot of tracks... and they succeeded! Some bands struggle to 'get creative' for the obligatory 10 songs - The Wildhearts emerged from their Comforts Place hideaway, rubbing their eyes
and reaching for the nearest life-enhancing health drink (i.e. beer), with the best part of 25 of the little so-and-so's under their collective belt.

The choice was clear: either the album would have to be transformed from a simple 'P.H.U.Q' into an all-night orgy, or the material (as varied and vociferous as ever) would need to be divided over a number of different releases. Feeling that they hadn't quite reached the triple-boxed-set stage of their career just yet, the band opted for the latter... er, option, the result being the four track 'Love Bank... / Geordie...' single (January 1995), the 'P.H.U.Q' LP (May '95), plus of course the record that you now have in your charge (unless you happen to be feeling up the copy of a friend). "

Dante Bonutto East West Records
Fishing Fore More Luckies

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