The Best Of The Wildhearts (Japanese)




1 Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes
2 TV Tan
3 Greetings From Shitsville
4 Dreaming In A
5 Suckerpunch
6 My Baby Is A Headfuck
7 The Miles Away Girl
8 Loveshit
9 I Wanna Go Where The People Go
10 Jonesing For Jones
11 Just In Lust
12 Baby Strange
13 Nita Nitro
14 Sick Of Drugs
15 Red Light - Green Light


1 Do Anything
2 Mindslide
3 Beautiful Thing You
4 Got It On Tuesday
5 Friend For 5 Minutes
6 29x The Pain (Original Version)
7 And The Bullshit Goes On
8 Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time
9 Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong
10 Two Way Idiot Mirror
11 S.I.N (In Sin)
12 Give The Girl A Gun
13 Girlfriend Clothes
14 Sky Chaser High
15 Geordie In Wonderland

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