Black Leather Mojo (UK)

1 Sonic Shake
2 Divine Imperfection
3 Anyway But Maybe
4 Girls Are Better Than Boys
5 Brain Sugar
6 (Whatever Happened To) Rock 'N' Roll Girls
7 The Monkey Zoo
8 Too Many Hippies (In The Garden Of Love)
9 Inside Out
10 I Wanna Be New
11 Church Of The Broken Hearted
12 Take It All, Why Don'tcha

1 I Wanna Be New
2 Divine Imperfection
3 Motorvate
4 Star / Groovus Maximus
5 He's A Whore
6 Inglorious
7 Too Many Hippies (In The Garden Of Love)
8 Medley
9 Love U 'Til I Don't
10 Don't Worry 'Bout Me
11 I Wanna Go Where The People Go
12 Greetings From Shitsville
13 Walk Like A Motherfucker
14 More Is The Law
15 Last Bastard In Heaven

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This review was originally written in praise of the Japanese release of Black Leather Mojo

OH MY F**KING GOD!!! I could leave this review there, and I'll have pretty much made my point. But I fear I'd not be doing this album justice. So - from the beginning...

You've heard of The Wildhearts haven't you? Good weren't they? Well this is the mad bastard frontman's debut album. And it's good, very good. Orgasm-inducing? Pretty much, and let me explain why. It's that first chord, the first solitary chord that strikes up opening track 'Sonic Shake' which sums up everything, EVERYTHING you love about rock n' roll in an instance. That one moment of sheer magic was worth the 20+ import price alone. Never before has any album hit me quite so hard quite so quickly. And then you have the sheer bliss of the rest of the song, and the thirteen gems that follow. 

Quite simply Ginger is a grade A git, how he got so bloody good at writing these unforgettable nuggets of gold I will never know. 'Anyway But Maybe', 'Brain Sugar', 'Take It All...' are monoliths of rock songs, 'Church Of The Broken Hearted' and 'The Monkey Zoo' will make you cry like a big girl's blouse the first time you hear them, and the other songs are guaranteed to make you pogo around your room like you've got space hoppers in your slippers. 

Set for release in this country very soon through Infernal/Round, with a bonus CD including the brilliant 'Walk Like A Motherfucker' and the legendary Camden Underworld chant of 'ChangesOne', soon the rest of the UK will (if there's any justice) be submitting to this album's charms. But while you can, get the import copy - it's worth its weight in gold.

Joe Dimmer

James's review of Black Leather Mojo (Japanese)

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