1 What Reason
2 Remain This Way
3 Conversation
4 Christine
5 Still
6 Wasted At Your Wing
7 Once There Was A Girl
8 Christine II
9 Today Is A New Chapter
10 Sycamore
11 Bear

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For those who loved Baby Chaos' spikey punk style shenanigans the wait for Chris Gordon and co to deliver the goods again was a long one. Anyone expecting simply BC mark 2 will be in for something of a shock which would either be a) surprisingly pleasing; or b) just plain disappointing, depending on your musically preference.

Yes, relaxed and mellow is indeed the watchword here, with obvious nods in the direction of Radiohead (in a good way, if that's at all possible) and U2. This isn't the whole story however, Deckard still manage to combine the same rock suss that endeared the guys' previous incarnation to so many in-the-know British rock fans with choruses with hooks so big you could use them to catch whales.

The initial reaction on hearing this record may well be "mmm, not too sure about that one" but rest assured that after a few listens it will start to grow on you like a rather pleasant fungus.

Largely the likes of "Conversation" and "Once There Was A Girl" stick quite rigedly to the bouncy rock formula that Mr Gordon's previous works would suggest, but other tracks offer a much more 'floaty' vibe (for want of a better adjective) that require you to be lying down in order to gain maximum appreciation. And then there's the on that sounds for all the world like its going to break into "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" at any moment!

All in all, as Jimmy Greaves probably wouldn't say (in the unlikey event of him reviewing Stereodreamscene) it's a record of two halves. If you come to this album with preconceptions of what a post Baby Chaos outfit should sound like you may feel like your rock'n'roll sensibilities have been violated, thinking "some of the albums good, the rest's just indy shite. For those willing to keep an open mind (and, indeed, ear) this is a remarkably fantastic record which, although unlikely to set the world alight, provides a satisfactory dose of pleasing tunes.

Mark Stephens

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