Consume And Die... The Rest Is All Fun

1 Psychedelic Girlfriend
2 Hey Let's Get It On
3 Best Day Of Your Life
4 Bungee Jumping People Die
5 (Be My) Supergirl
6 Big News
7 I Don't Care
8 Bad Girl
9 Captain Wrong
10 Weekend Vacation On Mars
11 Space Theme
12 Great Big World (Hidden Track)

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OK, so this was recorded before the band were together (the line up with Alex Kane on 'CAD...TRIAF' comprised Robin Guy from Sack Trick and Rachel Stamp, as well as Chris Dale, also from Sack Trick), and I still consider it to be 'The Demo'. If Alex and the gang were to re-record it now with today's line-up it would sound a million times better, but this was still one of the releases of 2000. For those unfortunates still not aware of Britain's most brightly coloured rockers, this is slightly skewed pop, with bloody great big guitars lounging around all over it. Think Cheap Trick and ABBA having a knife fight with the inmates of the local nuthouse, and you're halfway there. In fact Mr. Kane himself has described AP as 'Steps with big guitars and bloodletting' there you go.

The opening quartet of 'Psychedelic Girlfriend', 'Hey, Let's Get It On', 'Best Day Of Your Life' and 'Bungee Jumping People Die' are pretty much impossible to beat but from then on the album doesn't really live up to expectations. The aforementioned 'BJPD' is a classic stompathon singalong rock moment. 'Bad Girl' always puts a smile on your face, but there's always the thought that something is missing. Having witnessed the band live on too many occasions to count (alright then, 27), without Clare & Milena's harmonies, and the way the songs have grown over the last year, it just doesn't quite feel right. 

Of course that doesn't stop 'Consume And Die' being a damn fine example of Alex's songwriting genius, with some of the most fun-filled rock songs ever burned to CD. But if you get the chance, go see 'em live, then get the album. That way it will all make (comparative) sense.

Joe Dimmer

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