Zen Motel

Photo: Zen Motel: Alex, Neil, Lee (Ilona Sagar)

Lee Wray
Bass and Vocals
Alex Green
Guitar and Vocals
Neil Roberts



An Hour With
BubbleGum Slut

Zen Motel
The First EP

February EP

Goth Slut

April EP

Another Hour With
Bubblegum Slut

Transform And Escape

Fading Ways Fifty

Stations Of The Dead



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FT - Full Track
Devil Song FT

Zen Motel was born into this world a neglected side-project child to then Johnny Zhivago vocalist/bassist, Lee Wray. Raising his creation with the help and hindrance of a revolving circuit of surrogate parents and available or just easily led musicians, including members of the B-Movie Heroes and Vegas Showgirls contributing their talents to the mix, Lee managed to record two tracks. Two slices of the mutant offspring of electronica and classic rock'n'roll they proved rather interesting listening and rather hard to classify. 

Following the messy onstage disintegration of Johnny Zhivago in September 2002 amid a hail of smashed guitars, windows, ceiling tiles, fruit and abuse Lee found himself out of a day job and finally able to give his troublesome child Zen Motel the full time care and attention it was demanding. Recruiting fellow survivors of the Johnny Zhivago fallout Jamie Hunwicks and Neil Roberts on guitar and drums respectively, Lee found both someone to help out with the adolescent band's teenage tantrums and acne and, at long last, a permanent line-up.

2004 saw the release of the bands debut album ’Transform and Escape’. Most recently Zen Motel have recruited new guitarist (Ex Vegas Showgirl) Alex Green further adding to the band already unique and eclectic sound.

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