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Danny McCormack

Bass and Vocals
Tom Spencer
Guitar and Vocals
Rich Jones
Guitar and Vocals
Drums and Vocals
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1000 Miles Away From Me
Home From Home
Omega Male

You Got Me
Out Of My Mind


Up In Flames Compilation

Uppers and Downers

Time Of Your Life
(SubPop Single Club)

Time Of Your Life

Sunshine Girl

Given Up Giving Up

Apparently conceived at about 42,000 feet on a flight, post Wildhearts reunion, from Japan, the Yo-Yo’s , originally named the Chasers, were WH bassist Danny’s new bit on the side. Songs were written on the plane and it was only a matter of time before Mr. McCormack rendez-voused with Tom and the drumming legend known as Bladz (Andy to his mates), both ex of Sugar Snatch and before that, Big Boy Tomato. Extra guitar services were acquired from Neil who was expertly pinched from B*Movie Heroes and a year after the Wildhearts split, the Yo-Yo’s were ready to release You Got Me Out Of My Mind in time for Christmas on Rebound Records after some initial shows.

Come 1999, Rumbled followed and after a year or so of very hard graft, the Yo-Yo’s had secured themselves a deal with Seattle based record label Sub Pop. Touring the States in the summer of 2000 with the Backyard Babies, the Yo-Yo’s released their debut, Uppers and Downers receiving praise from all corners and a dedicated fanbase made sure singles sold, gigs were packed and the album placed highly in the indie chart.

Come early 2001, all did not appear well in Camp Yo-Yo. A couple of dates had been cancelled from before Christmas and the Five Miles High event (which was incidentally to be their highest profile headline) at the Mean Fiddler was pulled too. Danny was not in good health and Bladz had damaged his arm and it wasn’t long before the band had to declare an official hiatus - the current state of affairs and events had conspired against a band born out of restlessness and recovery but ultimately drugs and an unsupportive record company did not a good combination make and they killed the band outright.

Never ones to lay down and die however, each Yo-Yo finds themselves on the up with new and different projects. Bladder was offered a place in Sunna and currently drums with Pig, Resistor and KMFDM. Neil is back to being a B*Movie Hero. Tom has his own Fastlane Roogalators and Danny’s most recent foray in to the music biz is, in a funny peculiar twist of fate, The Chasers. Back and forth and back again... just like a yo-yo.

Now in 2005 the band have reformed with a new lineup featuring original members Danny and Tom with Rich Jones (ex Amen / Black Halos) and Craig CherryKick on drums and are set to release a new mini album '
Given Up Giving Up' on Undergroove Records supported by a full UK tour with 3 Colours Red!

J-P Storrow

On Tour

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The Garage, London - June 30th, 1999
The White Horse, High Wycombe - July 23rd 1999
Kings Cross Water Rats - June 28th 2000

The Fleece and Firkin, Bristol - September 23rd 2000

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Very First Press Release - Out Of My Mind
The Official Yo Yo's Homepage (2005)

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