The Wildhearts

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(Ex bassist Random, CJ, Ex drummer Stidi, Ginger)

Guitar and Vocals
Scott Sorry
Chris Jagdhar (CJ)
Guitar and Vocals
Ritch Battersby

and a lot of ex members
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Earth vs The Wildhearts


Fishing For Luckies (Fanclub)

Fishing For More Luckies

Fishing For Luckies

The Best Of The Wildhearts

The Best Of The Wildhearts (Jap)

Endless Nameless

The Single Tracks

Anarchic Airwaves

Landmines & Pantomimes

Tokyo Suits Me

The Wildhearts
Must Be Destroyed

Riff After Riff

Coupled With
The Wildhearts
Strike Back

Geordie In Wonderland

The Wildhearts
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Mondo Akimbo
A Go-Go

Don't Be Happy...
Just Worry

TV Tan

Greetings From Shitsville 7"



If Life Is Like A Love Bank...

I Wanna Go Where The People Go

Just In Lust

Sick Of Drugs

Red Light
Green Light EP

Anthem 1

Anthem 2

Urge 1

Urge 2

Vanilla Radio 1

Vanilla Radio 2

Riff After Riff After Motherfucking Riff

Stormy In The North, Karma In The South 1

Stormy In The North, Karma In The South 2

So Into You 1

So Into You 2

Top Of The World 1

Top Of The World 2

Top Of The World 3
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Living On A Landmine (Promo)

Naivety Play

Moodswings And Roundabouts (Box set)

(US Promo)

Earth Vs the Wildhearts
(US Promo)




Quite possibly the most rock n' roll rollercoaster d'you wanna go faster ride there ever was - and it hasn't even finished yet! Screaming in to the scene of '92 with "Mondo Akimbo A-Go-Go", Wildhearts main man Ginger started as he meant to go on by fucking shit up from the very beginning. In the first instance it was by recording a genre defying set ('Beatles meets Metallica' is the preferred description), second it was kicking up an almighty fuss over certain reviewers opinions of the records production.  A re-release of the e.p. was sanctioned with extra tracks and a brand new shiny 'anti-dance mix' which rocketed critics reservations to pieces and placed the Wildhearts well on their way into rock n' rolls elite echelon.  

Drummer Bam (ex Dogs D'Amour, now of Bubble) left and Stidi took up the reins for the recording of the first album proper, "Earth vs. The Wildhearts"  but left in time to eventually form The Jellys and for Ritch Battersby to join for the "Caffeine Bomb" e.p. (starting his tenure in the band in fine style with a raucous Top Of The Pops appearance for aforementioned record, dressed along with the rest of the band in really bad gold lamé suits and some really quite horrendous but massively comical make-up.) Brace yourself if you're easily confused...  

Guitarist CJ (who went on to form Honeycrack and The Jellys before returning to the present day line-up) left/ was fired in summer '94 to be momentarily replaced by Devin Townsend (2 dates!) and then come 1995, Mark Keds (ex Senseless Things then Jolt and now Trip Fontaine) joined for the grand total of the "Just In Lust" e.p. which was the second single lifted from the grand and moody "p.h.u.q" album.  

"p.h.u.q.", officially the second long player was actually preceded by the mighty fan club only "Fishing For Luckies" the previous Christmas. Come late October of 1995, the band were finally able to tour in support of  "p.h.u.q." after securing the services of Jef Streatfield (now Plan A mainman) on guitar only to stand by a decision to split (East West decided to drop 3rd single "In Lilly's Garden", and tried to release "Fishing For More Luckies"  whilst Radio 1 had already refused to playlist "Just In Lust"  because it was 'too heavy' - and it all proved to be so much more bullshit than you could expect anyone to deal with.)  

To all intents and purposes the band did actually split but a farewell tour of Japan convinced then that splitting was going to be a bad idea. With new conviction, a quartet of heads full of ideas and a re-discovered positivity the band ditched East West to record new tracks for a mainstream re-release of "Fishing For Luckies" on the group's own Round Records in the spring of 1996.  

It would be more than a year before new material which surfaced in the form of "Endless Nameless", an album which split the bands fan base in half towards the end of the summer of '97.Critically acclaimed yet touted as commercial suicide all 'round, it was one hell of a swansong, an absolute headfuck of an album, apparently drug-fuelled to an insane degree. It was to be the bands last official release before a sudden break-up on the grounds that carrying on would catapult the band further into what had already turned into a life/death state of affairs.  

The band did reform on two occasions for festival dates in Japan but it wasn't until this first year of the third millennium that any concrete reformation was on the cards. Signed to Infernal, truly independent and out on a limb with the classic "Earth vs..." line-up, the band released 'The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed' closely followed by 'Coupled With' (in true 'Fishing For Luckies' stylee). A CD of tracks from both releases 'Riff After Riff' made it on to US shelves via Gearhead records and The Wildhearts were invited to support the suddenly massive Darkness on their UK tour with Random Jon Poole as the new explosive bassist.

A series of festival dates followed culminating in the headline slot at the Rock In The Castle event in Scarborough in 2005 (supported by Terrorvision).

Now, after another lineup change (the return of Ritch Battersby to skin bashing duty and Scott Sorry, ex Amen, on bass) the band are back and doing it the only way they know how - a little unbalanced, completely crazyily and always, always as the best.

J-P Storrow


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