The Vegas Showgirls

Photo: The Vegas Showgirls

Simon Cook
Bass and Vocals



The story of The Vegas Showgirls started on a drunken evening in early 1999, when Simon and Alex met for the first time. After establishing that they were into the same kind of music and that there was a desperate need for a good, hard hitting and down right dirty ROCK 'N' ROLL band in the area they got to work. After roping in their first drummer they all spent the next six months writing and rehearsing for their first set of gigs.

Following a stint in the studio recording their first demo they realised that something was missing. So they went on the search for a rhythm guitar that would fit the 'Showgirl' ethos. After searching for a while, and nearly giving up hope when they stumbled across Wez, a great guitar player who oozed raw talent. The Vegas Showgirls had finally found their sound.

The last 18 months have been difficult, but the Showgirls are back and better than ever. They have a new drummer, Paul keeping the beat and T.R. (total rock) ripping out the solos. Simon's still delivering dirty bass and vocals and Wez with blistering rhythm. It's now time to Show everyone what ROCK 'N' ROLL is all about!

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