Photo: Origami Geisha
(Jason Knight / Kien Lim / Koozie Johns / Ex drummer Spider Costello)

Koozie Johns
Guitar & Vocals
Kien Lim
Jason Knight
Chris Musto (Not pictured)

Craving Aches and Bitter Lemon Hearts

Koozie Johns
Live at the 12 Bar

An Hour With
BubbleGum Slut

February EP
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Sweet Oblivion FT
"Sinnerstar deliver heartfelt rock'n'roll straight from the soul, with rock from the hip and guitars slung low. With the self-assured sleaze and swagger of Iggy and a touch Bowie-esque, Sinnerstar has a kind of modern day rock'n'roll sound that comes off as an updated version of bowie's more rockin' years of the 70's with the added edge and spirit of 77. Well crafted songs and thought provoking lyrics."
Frontman Koozie Johns, after years of touring playing bass with various bands and artists such as ex-members from The Clash, The Professionals, Tenpole Tudor, Tyla (Dogs D'amour) to name but a few, has now handed in his bass, taken up the six string variety and thrown himself competently into the leading role.

In May 2002 Sinnerstar's intoxicating debut album '
Craving Aches and Bitter Lemon Hearts was released to rave reviews globally and so after a solo tour in Japan and France, a permanent band line up took shape in the form of

Chinese/Malaysian born Lead Guitarist Kien Lim who has previously worked with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Simon Kirke (Free, Bad Company), Jungle Brothers, Ronny Sofomo and has also performed for The King of Malaysia. 
In on Bass is Jason Knight an all in rocker from S. London.
And bashing skins is the legendary Chris Musto, Chris has worked with a long line of talented artists: Johnny Thunders, Michael Monroe, Glen Matlock, Patti Palladin, Nasty Suicide and Marc Almond to name but a few 

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Sinnerstar Acoustic - 12 Bar - November 8th 2002
Camden Monarch - December 8th 2002
Camden Monarch - January 19th 2003

FMH-Fest - Club West One Four - June 22nd 2003
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