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Photo: Scarlet Soho, 2005

Jim Knights
Vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
Bass, keyboards, programming


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Divisions Of Decency

In October 02 Scarlet Soho released their low-key debut single Disconnected and toured the UK extensively. After enjoying success playing alongside the Faint, Lolita Storm and Delays and with a devoted fanbase behind them the future looked positive for all concerned. However, whilst they began planning demo sessions for this, the debut album, they were hit with the loss of their guitarist Lee Kinrade.
Despite such a glaring setback, Jim and Scarlet re-grouped to begin work with Delays producer Justin Callaway in Southampton.

The outcome, Divisions Of Decency must be one of the debut albums of the decade. The album sways between the up beat, theatrical, electro rock of Magazine and the starker pop sensibilities of their contemporaries Interpol and The Sneaker Pimps.

This is a heady mix of clinical synth lines and sprawling nauseating guitars and features the underground hit singles Disconnected (2002) and Isolation (2004).

Lyrically, the band have maintained a cryptic edge, allowing the listener to interpret individual meanings and definitions for each track.

Unlike their peers, Scarlet Soho are successfully combining lyrical originality, a sterile style and a futuristic take on electronic music. Breathing life, and adding a much needed sheen to a lacklustre scene.
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