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RTC are a band who will not give up. In the face of adversity, whether its a departure of a past member or having their van broken into and all their equipment stolen they will come back twice as strong. No-one gets left behind!

Formally known as Right Turn Clyde, Jazz, Karlos, Marc and Kay are one of the most explosive bands you are to hear for a long time. Forget pretentious label painting and finger pointing, RTC Rock. Hard! Pure and simple, baby.

The basis behind RTC is easy. With a passion for it loud and a hard-on for melody, theyve been turning heads since their first hot sweaty gig in a backroom venue in the summer 2000. Like a car crash between Black Sabbath (with Ozzy at the wheel) and REO Speedwagon or a monkey knife fight between the Alkaline Trio and The Foos, the end result may be messy, at times down right twisted and dark side but ultimately addictive, compelling and one hell of a rush.

From their original demo being Single of the Week in Kerrang! Being chosen as unsigned band of the week by XFM and releasing a debut single, Drinking About You with Deck Cheese Records to critical acclaim, alongside constant gigging and recording tracks for anybody who wants asks, the band have gone from strength to strength.

Now with the help of the Escalator project, RTC have just finished recording their debut CD, Seven Hells Of You with its semi concept of love, hate and revenge its been a hell of a long time coming but its been worth the wait.

In a time where the world needs superheroes, RTC are here to provide the soundtrack.

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