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Ricky Warwick
Vocals and Guitar
Ronan McHugh
Ciaran McGoldrick
Vivian Campbell
Joe Elliott
Backing Vocals
Dick Decent
Backing Vocals
Regina Norton
Backing Vocals
Emm Gryner
Uncle Phil Cooke
Simon Farrell
Upright Bass
Brian O'Shea
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Love Many Trust Few
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Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ricky Warwick has grown into a triple threat. Formerly of the British punk/hard rock band The Almighty, Ricky has embraced no-frills, emotionally direct, pure music exemplified by such American influences as Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, Tom Petty and many others.

Born in Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland, Ricky attended his first concert at age 14, seeing Stiff Little Fingers. The experience “Changed my life...suddenly I knew exactly what I wanted to do and nothing was ever gonna be the same again.” That very week he purchased his first guitar. "I learned how to play guitar from my dad's Johnny Cash records and an Eagles songbook," Warwick says, although bands like Motorhead, MC5, Ramones, The Clash and Sex Pistols were just as influential. The following year, his family relocated to Strathaven, Scotland.

Ricky played in numerous bands throughout his teen years, but began his professional musical career as the rhythm guitarist in New Model Army. After their disintegration, the young guitarist went on to found The Almighty in his native Glasgow, Scotland. Gradually, the foursome moved away from their punk origins and acquired a hard rock sound and an image to match. Signing with Polydor Records, they entered the studio with Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor as producer. The somewhat unlikely collaboration proved successful and Blood, Fire and Love resulted in a solid collection of perfectly crafted metal anthems sharpened with just the right touch of punk attitude.

The Almighty enjoyed ten Top 40 singles and four Top 20 albums in the UK. Ironically, Ricky appeared on Stiff Little Fingers’ Live and also wrote with the seminal English punk band The Ruts.

In 2002, Ricky embarked on a solo career and recorded his first release, Tattoos & Alibis. Recorded in Dublin, Ireland, Ricky collaborated with Peter O’ Toole of Hothouse Flowers and Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy fame. This album brought about a much different feel than his past efforts with The Almighty, with Ricky drawing from his influences such as Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, Ramones and The Clash. Released in September of 2003 through Sanctuary Records, Tattoos & Alibis was produced by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott.

Following the release of his solo debut, Warwick toured extensively as an opener for Def Leppard. While one man armed with an acoustic guitar in such a position might seem like a shaky proposition on the surface, Warwick received nothing but enthusiastic responses from the crowd each night.

Just a few short years later and we find Ricky gearing up for his much anticipated sophomore effort. On Love Many Trust Few, due out on Sanctuary Records in the Spring of 2005, he has co-written songs with Irish singer/songwriter Kieran Goss, famed Nashville writers - Sharon Vaughn (Willie Nelson, Reba McIntire, Oakridge Boys) and Rob Crosby (Martina McBride) as well as Del James (Guns N’ Roses). Guest appearances include Joe Elliott and Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard.

Ricky says of Love Many Trust Few, “The album kinda has a thread running through it. A lot of the songs are about running away from places, people, feelings, myself, or a past something I feel I have been doing for a long time. I've also done a lot of driving across America in the last two years, so I suppose a lot of ideas have come from there. There is also stuff about Belfast and Ireland and just about how I’ve seen it change over the years. I used to be very interested in politics but with the world being the way it is, unfortunately I don’t see a leader who inspires any belief in me. I found myself writing songs that were radically different from what I had done in the past, but it came naturally. These songs gave me new areas to explore. Lyrically, they go into other directions. Playing over 200 shows in the past two years, mostly solo and acoustic, I feel that I have improved immeasurably as a vocalist and guitarist, and that has given me the confidence to push my songwriting boundaries even further.”

“Going back into the studio with Joe Elliott and Ronan McHugh didn’t really take much thought. I didn’t really see any reason to change the line-up; Joe and Ronan have a full comprehension for my work and the direction that I wanted to go in on this next record.”

Following the release of Love Many Trust Few, Ricky plans to tour for the remainder of 2005. When he’s not touring, Ricky splits his time between Los Angeles and Dublin.

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