The Relatives

Photo: © 2002 Dave Evans (Spank Records)

Chris Relative
Guitar and Vocals
Andy Relative
Bass and Vocals
Paul Relative
Guitar and Vocals
Adz Relative

Say It With Vodka

Six Of The Best

TripleX Sun



Now Or


If They Come For Us... (Compilation)

They burst out of Wales. They re-located to Liverpool. They signed to Spank and released the Say It With Vodka EP. Better advice is few and far between as is music of the calibre belted out by The Relatives.

The first showcasing of their particular take on the art of rocking and rolling appeared on the Spank sampler Six Of The Best. Touring with AntiProduct in the early part of 2000 did nothing to save any innocence that might still dwell in these four nice young men.

TripleX Sun hit the shelves early 2002 followed by a full UK tour with support from Trilby and gigs with fellow RnR high flyers B-Movie Heroes. A hometown support slot with The Wildhearts and the latest single Everybody's Cynical hits the shelves with the album Now Or Ever due on July 29th.

The Rellies are a lean mean rock n’ roll machine, here to amend the state of music... and fuck it up good and proper - no safety net, no falling back, no holds barred. They’re here to make beautiful music and shag your sister - that’s why they’re called The Relatives. If they ain’t, then they will be.

The Rellies split in 2004.

Photos External Links
FiveMilesHigh - The Mean Fiddler, London - January 27th 2001
The Bierkeller, Bristol - May 27th 2001
The 4 Night Stand - The Borderline, London - November 24th 2001
The West One Four, London - December 13th 2001
Plush* at the West One Four, West Kensington - February 14th 2002
Plush* at the West One Four, West Kensington - March 28th 2002
The Camden Underworld - July 29th 2002

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