The Operation

Photo: The Operation (Greg, Alex and Nick)

Alex Veale
Vocals and Guitar
Greg Freeman
Drums and B Vocals
Nick Wilton
Bass and B Vocals
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FT - Full Track
11.58 Monday FT

Out On The Town

The Operation play top class catchy-as-hell pop punk with the kind of hooks that leave you humming the chorus lines for days.

"The Operation truly are serious contenders to be the 'next big thing' because if they carry on the way they are, nothings' going to stop them" .
Paul Whitham, Designer Punk. June 2004

"The Operation clearly have what it takes. Top of the Pops should be a piece of cake". Dom Gourlay, Live Review. August 2004

"I like it, I like it, I like it, so young so fresh, give me more!"
Claire Stugess Xfm. November 2003

"The Operation simply make rock and roll that reeks of a youthful exuberance that heads straight for the front of the queue on debauchery boulevard, an adolescent Wildhearts without the baggage"., June 2004

The band cite influences as diverse as Aerosmith, Foo Fighers, Electric Soft Parade, AC/DC, The Police, Feeder and Green Day.


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