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A Demon For
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The Corpses
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Obsessive Compulsive have been described as dark, neurotic, energetic, sinister, twisted, trashy, punky, dirty, unhinged, raw and infectious. Based and formed in Manchester but with a growing UK fanbase their debut release, self-financed debut EP 'A Demon For Every Occasion received rapturous reviews on the underground scene.

They live in a van and spend most nights on a hard floor. They're passionate about music, individuality, independance, freedom and Jack Daniels. They don't want to appeal to the lowest common denominator, have a number one hit or play wembley arena. They prefer outcasts, selling their own CDs and sweaty hovels full of passionate music fans and loud, trashy music.

ob•ses•sive / adj., noun
• adj. thinking too much about one particular person or thing;
• noun (psychology) a person whose mind is filled with thoughts of one particular thing or person so that they cannot think of anything else

com•pul•sive / adj.
1 (of behaviour) that is difficult to stop or control
2 (of people) not being able to control their behaviour
3 that makes you pay attention to it because it is so interesting and exciting
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