New Disease

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Jacob Lee Bane
Vocals and Guitar
Mark Gemini Thwaite
Guitars, Bass and Programming
Eddie Stratton
Richard Adams
Bass and Backing Vocals


February EP

Axiomatic EP

Like Rain
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Hold On (Here Comes The Sun) FT
News 06/01/05
The recording of the debut album is progressing well and you can hear some of the new material right now by logging on to the New Disease page at MySpace including 'From My Cold Dead Hands', 'Used', 'Dirty Blood' and the Dave Bottrill new recording of 'Song Of One Word' - featured on Metal Hammer Razor Vol.4 CD April 2004 issue.
Confident, brain-rattling stormers that shimmer with style, and their anthemic stadium-rock leanings are pulled off with aplomb - making New Disease a far more exciting and interesting proposition than most 7/10
(Rock Sound, September 2003)

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to New Disease... The band, who are currently unsigned, sound like the best rockin' tunes you ever heard at the best club on the best night of your life.
(Metal Hammer, Dec 2002)

In an ideal world, New Disease's expansive, grandiloquent songs would be blasting forth from a 150,000 watt rig. Tracks like the punchy, anthemic 'Song Of One Word' and the soaring 'Syanara' connect with heart and head with equal ferocity. For those craving a homegrown 'intelligent' rock band, there's salvation in this sickness
(Kerrang, October 2002)

New Disease originate from the Midlands in the UK. Birmingham born guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite has been Tricky's guitarist since 1998... mark discovered Wolverhampton born vocalist Jacob Lee Bane, who was touring with UK band Underdogg. Recognising the potential range of Bane's vocalsjuxtaposed with MGT's mix of anthemic alt-rock and electronica, the duo started writing songs together in Spring 2002. Completing the line up are drummer Eddie Stratton (previously with One Minute Silence) and bassist Richard Adams.

New Disease made their live debut with several shows in London during September and October 2002, receiving an impressive KKKK live review for their debut gig at the London Barfly.

Their debut CD is due out on ChangesOne records in April 2003.

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