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Sound Of Loud
Music to MOVE to, Music to JUMP to, Music to ROCK to. THE NEW BLACKS have arrived.

THE NEW BLACKS play hard edged, white hot, diesel driven anthems that sticks two fingers up to the same old whingey whiney, indie-schmindie bores that are currently falsely billing themselves as 'the future of rock' whilst churning out the usual lifeless, dull as dishwater jingly jangly lightweight pop fodder that we've got so sick of.

Formed in mid 2003 the band have been busy rehearsing and recording the eclectic mix of spiraling riffs and all out sonic onslaught that is 'Sound of Loud' - the bands debut release. Produced under the helm of the legendary Ian Hill from Metal Gods Judas Priest, the tracks combine the bands collective influences, mix them around in a cauldron of attitude, power and the most stomach thumping, groove laden, massive riffs known to mankind and then take cover as the resulting concoction explodes into what is undoubtedly 'the hottest band to watch out for in 2004' (RIFF magazine). THE NEW BLACKS have arrived.


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