The Loyalties

Photo: The Loyalties 2006

Tom Spencer
Guitar & Vocals
Rich Jones
Guitar & Vocals
CC Voltage
Bass & Vocals
Craig Herdman
Drums & Vocals




The Loyalties

Although they've only been together for a few short months, The Loyalties have a rock'n'roll history that seemed like it would inevitably bring them together eventually.

Guitarists Tom Spencer and Rich Jones first met 6 years ago while touring in the US as Sub Pop labelmates (in The Yo-Yo's and The Black Halos respectively). It wasn't until 2005 though that they joined forces in a new version of The Yo-Yo's along with Cherrykicks drummer Craig Herdman.

In the meantime, CC Voltage had been playing as a member of The Spitfires, releasing albums on labels like Junk Records and Estrus and writing his own songs (as well as playing a few gigs and festivals as a Black Halo), Tom had been playing with The Lurkers and his own band Fastlane Roogalator, and Rich had been touring with Amen and former Atari Teenage Riot frontman Alec Empire. Band whores, all of them!

After the Yo-Yo's exploded mid-tour at the end of 2005, Rich, Tom and Craig decided to focus their energies on forming something new. Writing began and in the meantime Tom and Rich filled their time as guitarists with The Dogs D'Amour. In June 2006 the band came together to record their first 4 song demo at London's Enterprise Studios. The band already have plans to tour internationally with shows booked in Germany, Italy and the UK, as well as North American shows being lined up.
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