Loose Thread

Photo: Loose Thread (Graham, Kev, Don, Dave)

Dave Broomhead
Lead Vocals and Guitar
Kev Sigley
Guitar and Vocals
Don Vince
Graham Lyon
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Yesterday Happened

Dirty Boots
MP3s (128 Kb/sec)
FT - Full Track
On My Own FT

The above track is taken from the Loose Thread / Rat:Daddy split EP available soon from ChangesOne 

Dirty Stars

If They Come For Us... (Compilation)

March EP
Loose Thread are a Luton based alternative rock band who have to date recorded two EP’s consisting of four tracks apiece and are in the process of finalising and mastering their new 7 track mini album. Their music is based on the superb original song writing skills of the band, and their hooky melodic rock style has earned them considerable support over the past 3 years.

Started in 96` Loose thread have grown from a college band into the Rock n Roll explotion they are today. Givin` up the `in thing` to just do it thier way Loose thread influences include Elvis, The Wildhearts, Honeycrack, Guns N Roses, Metallica, The Yo Yo`s, The Clash, STP, Alice in Chains, Terrorvison, The Police, The Beatles, AP&S, Bowie, Foo Fighters, The Blues Brothers, Lit, Fun Lovin` Criminals, Feeder, Goo Goo Dolls, Roxette, SLF & BOC, Queen, Hendrix and many many others

Although the band have always impressed live, one of their most impressive performance to date was at the local battle of the bands, where they comprehensively won the competition, beating over 25 bands. After winning through several heats they played to a capacity crowd of over a thousand people at the Queensway hall. They astounded the judges who ranged from professional musicians to representatives of the music industry and were unanimously voted winners.

The band received good local media coverage as a result of the competition including two appearances on the BBC radio’s multi award winning John Gaunt breakfast show. They also received heavy coverage in the local papers where they received rave reviews from all.

“Loose Thread took the top spot with a set of original powerful alternative rock numbers, fronted by vocalist, guitarist and all round manic performer Dave Broomhead whose powerful voice gives a cutting edge to their brand of jagged rock. Vocal harmony support from guitarist Kev Sigley gives the band’s sound a depth and the “hooky” self-penned numbers made their set memorable on the night. Grinning bass player Don Vince and drummer Graham Lyon provided a no-nonsense, rock steady foundation for the music to either soar to the stratosphere or creep up from behind and surprise you”.

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FMH-Fest - Club West One Four - June 22nd 2003

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