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Lichpin hail from Beckenham, Kent. Forming the band whilst at school they met a skate park in Harvington, Beckenham. They play rock, with punk attitude or as singer Joey Cass says "punk rock mixed with moshalong choruses and fuelled by sweaty teen rebellion!" They are influnced by american bands like Foo Fighters, Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance.
They have spent past year playing local venues across Kent, Croydon and the toilet circuit in London. They supported Fightstar at the Manchester Acedemy (their biggest gig to date) and will be heading out on the road with them again in December.

Last year, Linchpin twins Joey and Mike had a chance meeting with Good Charlotte twins Benji and Joel at a gig, and handed them their demo. The next day, Benji called the boys, told them he was 'blown away', and within the next six months got to work producing the EP for the Linchpin boys. A release on Good Charlotte's own label DC Flag is on the cards for later in the year.

Taking matters into their own hands Linchpin began to search for song material in the lives around them. From the track on their debut EP 'Jesus Had Long Hair' which is about drummer Olle getting expelled from Catholic school for having long hair. Expelled by the head teacher, Olle politely asked "Jesus had long hair, so why can't I?" to 'Take All You Can', a song that takes a South London look at the fight between boredom and passion. "Getting off your ass and making the most of life is something we sing about quite a lot" says Linchpin singer Joey.

After the recording of the EP Linchpin talked their way into a limo with the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins and played them their EP. Grohl declared it 'Fucking awesome". During the recording of the EP (produced by Good Charlotte twins Benji and Joel), they were 'politely' told to turn guitars down by Madonna's 'people'. Madge was in the studio below, and Linchpin guitarist Paul 'politely' told them 'no can do'. Before going on to blow up his vintage amp...hoorah.

They begin their residency at The Borderline, London, on the first Saturday of every month from September to December 2005. Dates to be announced shortly.

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