Kitty Hudson

Kitty Hudson (Richie, Al, Louisa)

Richie Hudson
Vocals and Guitar
Al Hudson
Vocals and Bass

Discography       Media

Three Chords
And The Truth

Another Hour With
Bubblegum Slut


Fiends In Low Places
MP3s (128 Kb/sec)
FT - Full Track

Born in April 2002 from a need to rip the heads of faceless supposed "pop idols", Kitty Hudson came kicking and screaming through late-night Soho leaving a trail of smoking neon and trashed strip joints in her wake.

Brought up on a diet of green chartreuse, ecstasy and amphetamines, Kitty rules the seedy underbelly of central London, sucking out its poison and spitting out three minute gems rife with dirt, disease and distrust, but covered in sweet, sweet candy to ensnare both kings and fools.

Open up her mind and you'll revel in her glorious Technicolor swirls and glistening chrome promises - a fairytale romance with the putrid stench of the thousands that came before you.

We all live in Disturbia - Come out and play.

Kitty Hudson


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