Johnny Zhivago

Photo: © Darren White 2001

  Steve Maloney
Guitar and Vocals
Jamie Hunwicks
Guitar and Vocals
Lee Wray
Bass and Vocals
Neil Roberts


Any Colour


Some Of The People
All Of the Time

Don't Shutter
Down Boy

An Hour With
BubbleGum Slut

If They Come For Us... (Compilation)

To quote Raoul Vaneigem as Johnny Zhivago do; “Who wants a world in which the guarantee the we shall not die of starvation entails the risk of dying of boredom?” Dear God! These people have so got the right idea!

With part of the band kicking their Vive Finito habits in 1999, falling back and gathering up arms and themselves for a new and (Richard) hellish assault on the ordinary, Johnny Zhivago were quickly picked up by Infernal Records, releasing the Terminal Boredom EP One slab of smoldering plastic and three tracks of blistering discontent later, the first step to becoming the next and newest best thing was laid down in anticipation of debut album Some Of The People All Of The Time. Terminal Boredom incorporated Never Enough, which was the sound of Bobbie Gillespie front a ramshackle garage band whilst simultaneously doing the white line fandango on a pogo stick (never ever a bad thing if you know what enjoying yourself is all about). No Compromise and Just Wanna Be Loved were/are an as good if not better pair of brooding musical twins, all bludgeon and take no shit attitude. Johnny Zhivago have got the world on their door step right now... and they will fight you for it. So just watch out.

J-P Storrow

Johnny Zhivago recorded the album Some Of the People All Of the Time in early 2001 and have since been gigging around the country to an already established fan base. They have played with AntiProduct, SilverGinger 5, The Backyard Babies, Plan A, Groop Dogdrill and B*Movie Heroes amongst others...

Johnny Zhivago split up in an explosion of dust, concrete, fruit and toilet roll on stage at the ChangesOne Showcase in September 2002. Lee and Neil went on to form Zen Motel and Steve created Vicious Cabaret
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