Photo: JOANovARC

Shelley Walker
Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Sam Walker
Bass & Lead Vocals
Debbie Wildish


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FT - Full Track
Slipping Away FT
JOANovARC formed in 2004 by sisters Shelley and Sam Walker. Before the birth of this female Rock trio, the Walker sisters had a lot of experience, touring, recording in studios such as Great Linford Manor and Dep International, appearing on TV shows such as TFI Friday, T4 and Scuzz, and radio shows, one being BBC 6 with Bruce Dickinson. From all their experience and the catalogue of songs they have written, Shelley and Sam now have the opportunity to take the music industry by storm with their dynamic energy driven drummer, Debbie Wildish.
The musical genre is commercial Rock with uplifting solo’s and unlimited vocal range. JOANovARC have been compared to the likes of Velvet Revolver, Hole, Distillers etc, but at the same time retaining their unique sound which is a fusion of the old and a new rock style.

The band are currently playing around the UK to promote their great live show and will be bringing out a second EP very soon. They have started the year by being interviewed on a London based radio show and some fanzines. They also have other possible promotions in hand such as Festivals, major support slots etc.
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