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Up In Flames Compilation

Any Colour Compilation

Greivous Acoustic Behaviour

Great White

A Break In the Weather

Valor Del Corazon

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I'm A Lover
Not A Fighter

Cars And

And This Time
I'm Serious

The Saga Of
Me And You


Whether commanding the giant argent B-52 Flying Fortress that is Silver Ginger 5 or driving the 
all-weather all-terrain armoured humvee that is the Wildhearts experience, you can always expect more than enough and better than best from the man they call Ginger. Drawing upon a colourful rock n’ roll history having spent time in The Letters, The Cups (sister band to The Saucers!),Zig Zag, Ipanema Katz, Avenger, Peter Panics, Beki Bondage, The Quireboys and The Throbs, Ginger formed a proto-Wildhearts in 1989 and from then on the ride got wilder, the highs got higher and rock music just got better exponentially.

Half a decade after they had really begun to make their mark, the Wildhearts imploded in 1997 after a journey that’s probably documented in a file somewhere marked ‘Ultimate Adventure’. Still bristling with ideas and a seriously itchy trigger finger, Ginger sunk his teeth into a number of projects including a 12-piece band that went by the moniker Eureka but never really saw the light of day. There was also the Unrehearsed who were a covers outfit that lasted one gig. First project to make it to the acetate was the brilliant and deranged Clam Abuse, the other half of which was Alex Kane. Making some ultra-distorted rock n’ roll riffery in SuperShit 666 with Dregen (Backyard Babies) and Nick (Hellacopters) was also on the cards. In between all of this Ginger was also submitting songs in an effort to make Alice Cooper look good at least on one more occasion and helping the Backyard Babies write their next long awaited album.

Still bubbling under in the man’s subconscious was something of more solid proportions, something for emulating the essence of everything else that Ginger was looking to explore, hence the solo album that became “Black Leather Mojo” and the band that became The SG5 (Silver Ginger 5 to everybody else ’cept you and me). That was, and still is, rock n’ roll for the year 2000 and beyond.

Ambitious a project as Silver Ginger 5 is, it’s not the last of what’s on Ginger’s king-size plate. A mammoth twelve singles in twelve months undertaking is underway and after a little teething trouble, “The Singles Club” looks to be shaping up in style as an outlet for all other things musical within Gingers capability i.e. all genres, all types, all in - everything. 

The culmination of a years hard recording looks to be simultaneously released A and B-sides albums albums for the masses but not before even more ideas and inklings are toyed with - new recordings for the reformed Wildhearts, cover songs and country songs, the list is endless (though not necessarily nameless [!]). A book that was started once upon a time, provisionally titled “The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed” may yet line the bookcases of rock n’ roll libraries the world over, even though shelved (a little too revealing in places apparently).

Popular myth decrees that the devil has all the best tunes. Myth is myth however, and make no mistake, Ginger is the man with the monopoly, the air guitar marshal, of most excellent tunesmithery.

J-P Storrow


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