Fridge Mountain Fires

Photo: Fridge Mountain Fires 2006

Ste Williams
Vocals & Guitar
Chris Kelly
Jay Bennett
Ally Lambert



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Mouth To Mouth
New Emotion
Fridge Mountain Fires are something of a rare breed in today's music scene - a straight-ahead rock band, nothing but some of the best music to be recorded in recent years. With crisp, tight production, an amazing band, and an extraordinary lead vocalist, Fridge Mountain Fires are set to rise far above a rock scene filled with emotional vacancy.

Formed in Liverpool in early 2005, the band consists of Ste Williams (vocals/guitar), Chris Kelly (guitar), Jay Bennett (bass) and Ally Lambert (drums). Pulling influences from all corners of their musical genre (Faith No More, The Clash, Sonic Youth, Depech Mode) FMF's sound has been crafted and shaped into a barrage of cutthroat riffs coupled with heart.
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