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Keep It Evil
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Formed in late 02 in Newcastle, England with the sole purpose to inject some energy, life and tunes to die for into the dying local scene, The Flamin Eights came to be born. All members wanted to make the type of music they want to hear and to be the band they would want to see ripping up the stages in their hometown. Mixing metal, punk and good old-fashioned rock n roll together to create a massive wall of distorted beautiful noise, the band soon created a massive fan base and sell out gigs in all of the local venues.

The group’s recordings soon made their way into the hands of the local music scene DJ’s and were heavily requested on rotation in the rock and metal bars around the city. Soon the band began to receive glowing reviews from the local press, due to their incendiary sold out live shows and balls out rock n roll stage presence. The fan base rapidly kept growing and within days of the groups last self financed release ‘Keep It Evil’ hitting the shelves they were the quickest and best selling item for an unsigned band in local high profile music stores.


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