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By Any Means Necessary FT

Today We Kill
Tomorrow We Die

By Any Means Necessary
"Taking on board elements of punk, sleaze, rock and roll, Disarm have a modern rock sound that makes them stand out from other bands." - Sandman Magazine, January 06

"Devastatingly young, yet talented beyond belief, Disarm are four feral rock 'n' rollers like they just do not make them any more." - Riot Promotions

"Disarm are four cock-sure motherf**kers with one of the most confident, brash and streetwise collection of tunes Iíve had the pleasure of listening to in a long while... Utterly unpretentious, they slide into the glorious late eighties attitude of party hard and play loud, yet keep things totally up to date." - Hard Rock House.com

"Disarm have clearly found a recipe that works for them and don't stray away from the combination of pounding drums and bass lines, screeching guitars and husky, sleazy, in your face vocals. However this doesn't mean that their songs are boring or all sound the same, in fact boring is the last word I would use to describe (their) energy and sheer musical talent..." - Hair Metal Ireland.co.uk
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