Nic Gordon

Chris Gordon
Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Grant McFarlane
Guitar & Backing Vocals
Bobby Dunn
Bass & Keyboards
Gen Matthews
Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

The Deckard EP


Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity

Holy Rolling
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"Superb"  9 out of 10, Rocksound

"Deckard strike gold again!"  7 out of 10, Metal Hammer

“Stunningly emotive vocals that in turn soar and bite”
Metal Hammer

“Perfectly crafted pop-rock” Kerrang!

What do you do after being a member of now defunct, highly acclaimed Scottish rockers Baby Chaos in order to pass the time? Well, here’s a thought. How about you form a better Scottish rock band and call it Deckard.

Having spent the last few years touring and writing, Deckard are now ready to release an album on the world, and ‘Dreams Of Dynamite And Divinity’ is the result.

Keeping hold of the quirky punk melodies that put their former outfit on the map, Deckard have added a much deeper, soaring soundscape of noise to their arsenal, an infinitely more mature sound that, while never compromising, places them right on the pulse of modern rock music.

This album is full to bursting with potential singles, from the sublime ‘We’re Aching’ to the anthemic ‘Say Something Stupid’ and the poignant ‘Fall Down At Their Feet’.

Whichever your musical preference, there’ll be something on ‘Dreams Of Dynamite And Divinity’ that will hit you hard.

How hard?


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