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Dead Monroe are a trio in their early twenties that hail from Essex. They play riff-based rock with soaring melodies, dark guitars, rock'n'roll rhythms and the punk rock attitude.

Lead singer and bass player Justin, guitarist and backing vocalist Alex and drummer Ben put on live performances that are an explosion of sound and energy – loud, tight and powerful. At the front of the stage, singer Justin dominates any venue with his presence, delivering his vocal-lines with precision and strength.

Dead Monroe are not interested in being just another credible but unknown band. Their ambitions are global. They want to sell records by the million. Their songs are accessible, catchy and perfect for radio whilst always retaining a dark, gritty, cool edge. They have worked closely with renowned rock producer Terry Thomas, a collaboration that has resulted in demos that sound better than many major-label albums. To top it all, the band look great – three young, skinny guys with rock’n’roll haircuts and a sharp dress sense.

During their short time together Dead Monroe have stirred up quite an interest in the industry. The two frontmen were formerly members of London-based band The Bookoo Movement, out of which Dead Monroe evolved. The band supported the likes of The Darkness, Alien Ant Farm, 3 Colours Red and The Wildhearts. They made live appearances on XFM, received airplay on various radio stations, received a 4K out of 5 single review in KERRANG! magazine and had the song Beep Beep used on a long running TV advertisement.

The plan for the immediate future is writing and gigging, followed shortly by international super-stardom, fast cars and women.
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