Photo: Jamie Careless

Jamie Careless

Iain Craig
Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Rhythm Guitar
Dr Mick
Neil Nimmo

Latest News - January 2008

New album due in early 2008 - GALACTIC TOURISTS, to be released through Premeditated Records. Watch this space for more details!


Chelsea Park


Chelsea Park 2


25 Feet Per Second



MP3s (128 Kb/sec)
FT - Full Track
Apollo 13 FT
"An explosive maul that would keep a phsychiatrist employed on a permanent basis for a number of weeks." – The Mag

‘’Careless are just what the UK needs to reverse the tide of Punk Rock across the Atlantic’.’ – Kevin Greening, Xfm

Careless are the UK’s hottest new Punk Rock act, and the first to engage and enrage the public and media with their unique brand of Pop Punk. Formed in Southampton in 2001Careless have spent their time slowly eating away at the ears, minds and souls of their local populace. Perfecting their music and live shows with an obsession surging way past clinical, it seems that maybe now the time is right for them to infect the whole of the UK with their unmistakable brand of music. Recently signed to Sonix Music Management, and with the Dogs quite literally baying at their door, it seems there is no cure for the careless…

Never before has crossover punk so closely walked the line between outright lunacy and perfectly crafted songs. With a huge collection of superb material, an outstanding live show and an attitude to match, Careless are soon to become one of the most talked about UK bands of the decade.

Careless have recently recorded the short 4 track demo which has already earned them UK airplay as well as glowing local and regional press - and with regional TV appearances coming soon there is little it seems that can stand in the way of this bands success. A recently filmed video for their song “Chelsea Park”, Directed by the Soundtrack Director of Cradle of Fear, is soon to be distributed throughout the UK.

Careless’ incredible songs, fearsomely idealistic lyrics and outstanding live performances have already, and will continue to, infect everyone who comes into contact with this new UK phenomenon.

“This CD is so powerful it sounds LIVE!” – Venue Magazine
“Melodies the Dum Dums would be Proud of!” - Mike Rimmer
“I predict a Rosy Future for These Boys!”- Math Priest
“Dr Mick is an absolute monster of a track’’ – BBC Southern Scene
“Careless take the bull by the horns and give a set of quality” – Kerrang!
They've got a spirit all their own and they're game for a laugh. They shouldnt be underestimated though, even though they subscribe to an ethic that states that punk can be played with the intent of a serial killer and still remain fun, they're not Brits who secretly wish they went to a High school in California! Suprised? Join The Club! - (S.Q) LOGO Magazine 2003


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