Photo: Jamie Careless

Ted Chau
Guitar and Vocals
Hannah Fautley
Guitar and Vocals
Stuart Messer
Drums and Vocals
Mic Stoner
Bass and Vocals


Falling Down


March EP

Go Forth And
Candyheads - it's rock that swings, with tunes that have shaken the hand of pop; A distinctive voice harnessed to intelligent lyrics, there is a little punk lurking at the edges (isn't there always), there is a nod to the mighty Zeppelin.... all wrapped up in a unique British sense of drama.

Featuring Ted Chau, ex Public Image Limited on lead vocals and guitar, Candyheads have been building a solid reputation and following over the past couple of years, firstly in and around London, and more recently throughout the UK, through their extensive touring, constantly acquiring new fans with every performance.

With Mic Stoner on Bass, Hannah Fautley on Guitar and new skinsman Stuart Messer, Candyheads are an energetic, intriguing and memorable live act, with a unique sound, comprising of a thundering rhythm section, hard but melodic guitar lines, tuneful vocal melodies and strong songs (plus the odd sample here and there!).

At the start of 2003, Candyheads signed to the legendary Track Records new sister label Track2records.

Track Records is the label that signed The Who, Jimi Hendrix Experience, etc in the 60’s, and what followed over the next 11 years is Rock Music Legend, before having run the gambit of Psychedelia to Punk, Track did the decent thing and self destructed in 1978. Resurrected in 1999, in the main as a back catalogue label to keep alive the flame of its artist’s halcyon days, adding the likes of Big Country, Noel Redding, former Strangler Hugh Cornwell & UFO’s Phil Mogg to its roster, Track is doing nicely ………however the life blood of the business has always been new bands especially ones that can play live. Of which there has been a dearth of for far too long. So, Track Records is proud to announce the birth of T2records, and it’s first signing Candyheads.

Candyheads Debut album ‘Go Forth And Multiply will be released on Monday 5th May 2003 (Cat No. T2001). This shall be preceded by single release to radio of the track ‘Open’.

The debut single Falling Down (released August 2002), was an overwhelming success as the sales and speed of them, far exceeded expectations. Virtually Sold Out after a period of just over six weeks, this was despite no promotion, other than gigging and some Uni and Local Radio play, resulting in the band selling 2400 copies of their debut single at Retail (HMV, Indie Stores, Virgin, etc). Sold purely on the back of word of mouth and CANDYHEADS phenomenal live performances earlier this year, the single's success has surprised many within the music industry, but is testament to the brilliance of Candyheads.

In only a few months, Candyheads had moved from playing the Little Backyard Club to the Shepherds Bush Empire. June 2002 also marked the bands FiveMilesHigh debut, headlining one of the Plush nights.

With a new and settled lineup (or so we thought!), Candyheads toured the UK relentlessly with support slots on tours by All About Eve and $ign Of 4 (fronted by Phil Mogg, UFO), and played over 75 gigs in 2002, and quickly gained a huge respect and loyal following. However, nothing in Candyheads world is simple and just as the debut single was released in August, the band found themselves one member short once again. The word went out, and after a few weeks of auditions, new skinsman Stu Messer joined the band in September 2002 after the dreaded musical drumstools had to be played again. A phenomenal young Drummer whose energy, enthusiasm and obvious talent have lifted the Candyheads sound and live performances to an even greater level than before – completing the final piece in the Candyheads jigsaw.

When people see and hear the Candyheads, the reaction is predominately "Wow, Candyheads are one of the best new bands I have seen in the past few years" - this from both gig-goers AND venue booking agents, sound engineers and so on. With great support from many online resources such as FiveMilesHigh and Changes One, to name but two, plus airplay on various Local and University radio across UK, plus the SBN Network, Xfm and even Radio One and Two as the sound and name of Candyheads is being revealed, and the signing to Track2records, 2003 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for Candyheads.

As part of their heavy ongoing gigging schedule, Candyheads are to go on a 2 month UK tour (dates below), followed by a UK and European Festival appearances, European Club Tour, US High Schools Tour, further UK tours and a trip to China – all by the end of 2003. The proposed ‘Around The World in 30 Days’ Tour which was scheduled for July 2003, will now take place early 2004, while the US High Schools Tour has been put back to October 2003, due to Festival commitments in UK and Europe.

Sadly The Candyheads decided to call it a day at the end of 2003.

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