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Andy Peacock
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Sasquatch Bob, a bass player from a background of biker club debauchery and honest heavy metal was to cross paths with Mark Yates who after 15 years on the road with Terrorvision, seemed unable to stop rocking. The pair shared a passion for classic rock and metal and soon started jamming. Things looked promising so they invited tattooed, girly pin-up Danny "Boon" Lambert to join forces and sing for them. The trio needed a fourth musketeer to complete the line-up so they approached local hard-hitting drummer and all-round lunatic Andy Peacock. After playing drums for bands like Leafeater and Slam, Andy added a new element to the emerging sound and brought the capability to take Blunderbuss to new heights.

Things went from strength to strength as they played a bunch of quality gigs around the local area and released their self financed debut album Relentless which is still selling steadily.

Things changed dramatically though when Danny announced he was leaving to concentrate on other projects. A replacement needed to be found and quickly! Enter Bryan Outlaw!!!

Ex-Khang and Tortoise Waltz singer, Bry is no stranger to givin' it some pasty on stage and off. Although completely different in image and sound to Danny, Bry is the perfect replacement and gives Blunderbuss a completely different edge. After unleashing the new line-up to a phenominal reception at Scarborough's annual 'Beached' festival and more recordings in the pipeline, things look set to get better from here on!

Blunderbuss are locked, loaded and ready to blow you away!

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