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Paul Miro
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Guitar & Vocals
Tom Meadows
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Free Pawn

Earthly Powers

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Antiseptic EP

Safety Net EP

Seven EP

Monkey Mettle EP

Simple Simian EP

Dirty Monkey EP

Fives EP


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Apes, Pigs & Spacemen (later known as AP&S) were one of the most intelligent, inspiring, complex, emotive bands ever to be pigeonholed 'Britrock' by Kerrang! Signed to Music For Nations lead genius Paul Miro pulled together such a wealth of subtlety and detail wrapped up in a ground shaking downbeaten rollercoaster of energy with sweeping flashes of sugar coated hook laden brilliance on first album Transfusion that even the mighty Wildhearts wanted them for tour support. Check out the melancholic hopelessness of 'Safety Net', the adrenaline fuelled political sneer of 'Great Place', the influential teeth shuddering riffery of 'PVS', not to mention the quite breathtaking Sinatra-esque vocals on 'Do I Need This'.
Second long player Snapshot followed two years later - an altogether more liberated and confident beast featuring the (later painfully ironic) catchy swipe at record industry execs 'Beanman', AP&S anthem 'Blood Simple', toe tapping technofear singalong 'Virtual' and the mile high monster that was 'Monster'.

Of course it wasn't long before MFN lived up to their rep and fucked the band right royally by refusing to spend a penny on promo and then stropping cos the album didn't go platinum. With all routes blocked by commercial greed and legal shackles the band were forced to split in 1998. To add insult to injury MFN retained the rights to everything AP&S (including the name).

But surrender was not an option and the only escape from contractual limits was the expiry date. So they waited. Patiently. For five years...

For January 2003 and a big FUCK YOU to MFN as the driving force behind AP&S (Paul and Bart) re-entered the studio to record the third chapter in the colourful epic finally free of legal bullshit and money grabbing industry Beanmen. the stunning Free Pawn is out on independent label Phat Monkey now.

More recently, in another step of independence, and a flick of the Vs at the industry in general AP&S have recorded another 4-track EP and are set to release it as mp3 downloads only via their official site. Check out the clips from the first EP on the Monkey Mettle page, then buy it and discover one of the reasons FiveMilesHigh exists.

James Tomlinson


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Ripley Emporium - May 29th 2003
Kings Cross Water Rats - July 29th 2003
Danny Frye Tribute Gig, Tewkesbury Montells - August 28th 2003
The Louisiana, Bristol - November 19th 2003
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