The Almighty

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Ricky Warwick
Lead Vocals and Guitar
Nick Parsons
Guitar and Vocals
Gav Gray
Stumpy Monroe
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Blood, Fire & Love

Blood, Fire & Live

Soul Destruction



Just Add Life

The Almighty

Psycho Narco

Wild and Wonderful

Two words, one name: George Foreman - someone who bowed out at the height of their fame and success then came back a little older and wiser, told the naysayers to "Fuck Off" and kicked some serious ass. Two words, one name: The Almighty - see any similarities?

Proving that last years self titled opus was no fluke The Almighty return with Psycho Narco which is undoubtedly the best record they have ever made. This is the real deal Chump - this is a record that will have you hopelessly drunk by track four in a fight by eight and throwing up a curry by it's completion.

Produced by Daniel Rey (best known for his work with The Ramones) this record sees rock and roll, street punk, new wave heavy metal and pop all tastefully intertwined. When Ricky sings on "Waiting For Earthquakes" that he sat up late last night talking about Rock and Roll you know exactly what he means - if you don't then why are you reading this? This is even more poignant when you consider that Joey Ramone died during the recording sessions. We're sure however that he is looking down smiling, content in the knowledge that The Almighty are doing their part in keeping what he helped start very much alive.

Lyrically Psycho Narco is a seething commentary on contemporary social issues and the record reinforces Warwick as a "Working Class Hero" - the veracity on which the word association of "Ruse" tears through the speakers is terrifying. Phrases like "Gods" Guns" "All American" "Tell yourself your dreaming" and "Afghanistan" are not only relevant they are frighteningly relevant. However it's not all prophetic doom and gloom as tracks like "Begging" and "Soul on a Roll" just simply rock out.

There have also been some changes in the band camp since the last tour. Original bassist "Floyd" has been replaced by "Gav Gray" a man most certainly born to be in this band. Psycho Narco also sees some old friends dropping by to lend a hand. Both Andy Cairns of Therapy? and Joe Elliot of Def Leppard make appearances. 

It's hard to write about The Almighty without mentioning the chart successes the countless sell out tours the tales of decadence but when you listen to Psycho Narco you get the distinct impression that this is a band with an eye to the future and not reminiscing the past. This is delayed continuation not reformation. This is building a brand new fanbase whilst still enjoying the old - extension not regression. On the eve of album number eight you feel that they will see sixteen. So screw Bob Hoskins and his "It's good to talk" catch phrase for as far as The Almighty are concerned right now "It's good to listen" 

Paul Brannigan


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