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Matt O
- Guitar & Vocals
- Guitar & Vocals
Joe Cooper
- Drums
Si Fawcett
- Bass

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Come Get Some

Bottom Of The
Learning Curve

Can Of Worms
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Concussion FT

Formed out of boredom, frustration and a deeply held belief that it is still possible to make a difference with a smile on your face, 3dBs DOWN began to surface from sunny Gravesend in June 2001.

With influences ranging from The Wildhearts & The Smashing Pumpkins through to The Clash & The Beach Boys via NOFX, Less than Jake and everything else in between, the mix comes out as a punk/rock/ska sound with some serious twists along the way.

The three pronged vocal attack resulting from the refusal to limit themselves to a lead singer and their love of rocking, skanking and throwing in pop harmonies whenever possible add up to catchy and energetic tunes that carry a darker and metallic edge.

With recent gigs including supporting B*Movie Heroes, Howards Alias, Dog Toffee, Deadline and 4Ft Fingers & their self released Come Get Some EP,
Bottom Of The Learning Curve LP and live shows picking up rave reviews the future looks bright. To quote the band: “Why? Well what else are we gonna do?”


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