Every Thursday 8pm until midnight - 5 with flyer (6 without)
Club West One Four, North End Crescent, North End Road, West Kensington, London W14 8TG

This page is mainly for reference as the regular Plush* gigs finished in July 2002.


Take the District line tube to West Kensington tube station - Club West One Four is 2 minutes walk from here. Turn right out of West Kensington tube station and walk along North End Road to cross over Talgarth Road/West Cromwell Road. At the traffic lights carry on up North End Road until you see Barclays Bank and the Fox Rattle and Hum pub, Club West One Four is on the left hand side of the pub with a silver metallic entrance.

If you are taking the bus use the 28, 391 or N28 for West Kensington. For Kensington Olympia take the 9, 10, 27, 28, 49, 391, N9, N10, N27 or N28. Take the North End Road opposite Olympia Centre on Hammersmith Road/High Street Kensington to reach Club West One Four.


The Weekly Plush* gigs took place Jan to July 2002 at Club West One Four, West Kensington

July 11th 2002 Glitterbug, Kitty Hudson, Rat:Daddy, Loose Thread Flyer
June 27 2002 Plastic Heroes, Koozie Johns, Milhouse Flyer
June 20 2002 The Pittstops, DNA Doll, The Vegas Showgirls, The Egos Flyer
June 13 2002 500&Crave, Qual, Kubrick, Catylyst Flyer
June 6 2002 Candyheads, Careless, April 28, Contravenes Flyer
May 23 2002 Plastik, Nutonic, The Best Intentions, Ebbtide Flyer

May 16 2002

DrugdealerCheerleader, Neon Bomb, Laconia, Loose Thread Flyer

May 9 2002

Sizen, Right Turn Clyde, Chris Kahl & The B-Sides, Jet Suzette Flyer
May 2 2002 Magenta, Resin, The Alpacinos Flyer
April 11 2002 GlitterBug, Plan 9, And Django, Milhouse Flyer
March 28 2002 The Relatives, Coda, Trilby, Rat:Daddy Flyer
March 21 2002 Plan A, Librium, diaz Flyer
March 14 2002 Anti-Clockwise, The Pittstops, The Egos Flyer
March 7 2002 Engerica, Nutonic, Inhale, Milhouse Flyer
February 28 2002 4 Day Hombre, Toby Slater, The Best Intentions Flyer
February 21 2002 Johnny Zhivago, V8 Pack, The CherryKicks Flyer
February 14 2002 The Relatives, B-Movie Heroes, Plan 9


February 7 2002 Plastik, Q-Sling, Psycho A Go-Go


January 31 2002 B-Movie Heroes, Stiff Kittens, DNA Doll


January 24 2002 Ritalin, Inhale, The Best Intentions, Malowski 


Glitterbug - Kitty Hudson - Rat:Daddy - Loose Thread - Plastic Heroes - Koozie Johns
Milhouse - The Pittstops - DNA Doll - Vegas Showgirls - The Egos - Catylyst - Candyheads
Careless - April 28 - Contravenes -
Plastik - Nutonic - The Best Intentions - Ebbtide - Magenta
Resin - The Alpacinos - Glitterbug - Plan 9 - Milhouse - The Relatives - Trilby - Rat:Daddy
Plan A - Librium - Johnny Zhivago - V8 Pack - The CherryKicks - The Relatives - B-Movie Heroes 2 - Psycho A Go-Go - B-Movie Heroes - DNA Doll - Ritalin - Inhale - The Best Intentions