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Saturday January 27th 2001 @ The Mean Fiddler, London (1pm-10pm)

FiveMilesHigh took place at the Mean Fiddler (LA2) on Saturday January 27th 2001 and raised well over
one thousand pounds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and to say the event was 'good' is something of an understatement. We could go on about it here but we'll leave it to others to tell you how the day went.

Would like to thank:

Alex Kane, Clare pProduct, Toshi Ploduct, Simon Gonk, Milena Yum, Dave Robinson, Gizz Butt, Shop, Gavin King, Carl Alty, Tom Gordon, Jef Streatfield, Paul Bate, Nick Peckham, Gary Mills, Big E, Mark McDonagh, Ben John, Sammi Salo, Jon Cook, Mike Cutting, Janey, Steve Maloney, Jaime Hunwicks, Lee Wray, Neil Roberts, Paul Fife, Wayne Smart, Richy Gombault, Lee Major, Andy Hawkins, Jon Eydman, Simon Keaton, Nick Stone, Jamie Kitson, Ste Ford, Chris Flynn, Andy Daley, Paul Hunt, Adz Lunt, Matthew Williams, Jon Hall, Andy Carter, DJ Shuff, Ian Forrest Tunstall, Andy Ferguson & all at ChangesOne, Sam @ Bass, Chris Alexander, Billy & all at the Mean Fiddler, Mick, Maddy & all the Mean Fiddler tech crew, Audrey Hotburn & all the Mean Fiddler security crew, Sarah Guthrie @ the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Jo & the staff at the Bridge Hotel, Dante Bonutto & Infernal Records, Century 23, Andy Reid @ Metal Hammer, Scott Thompson @ Kerrang!, Terry Thomas, Danny McCormack & The Yo-Yo's, Andrew East @ HipHopCow, Sil Wilcox, John Robb, Chris Dale, Wez @ Mushroom, Darren Stockford @, Neko @, Rob Winder @, Ric Melia @, Richard Steckles @, Vicki Macklin @, Charlie Andrews @ TotalRock, Mary Fasal, June Tomlinson, Carrie Van Rensburg, Mad Dave, Clay Roberts, Trace Da Space, Helen T, Andrew Tomlinson, Pepe Pryke, Pat Olver, Pippa Lansdell, Caroline, Karen, Michael Shillitoe, Helen RiotStar, Miss A, Andy B, Wayne Charlton and Ray & Julia.

We would also like to thank everyone who came to the event and donated money to the charity. Your kindness is very much appreciated and without you there would have been no FiveMilesHigh!

We Hope You Had A Real Good Time - We Did :o)

The Official Press Release
Thank you Letter from the CF Trust

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by J-P Storrow

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